Irving Phillips, Ph.D.

When I watch a movie, I am always drawn to the music or lack thereof. Music can tell the story just as the script or the visuals. The composer Franz Liszt invented the musical form called Tone Poem. In these compositions Liszt told a story through music. He was not the first nor the last. Beethoven used a similar form as did Richard Strauss during the last century. Some of the best music today is written for the movies; think of John Williams or Hans Zimmer. There are also movies that use already composed music. Either way, music can enhance a visual.

Since I was a child I have always been drawn to the idea that music can tell a story. Now after spending a career in music, I still associate movies and music. For me the music can make or break the film. When John brings a video idea to me, I begin to muse as to music that would tell the story.