David Carlson

My one creative certainty in life is my desire to work in movie making or television. The advent of video production was a doorway I went through quickly and I've enjoyed every obstacle and every clear sailing part of the journey. Delivering a message with clarity and impact has many creative rewards.

My 40 years of telling stories began with producing news and tech shows for PBS, then overseeing Fireman Fund's media and TV needs and currently helping Kaiser Permanente and others with their programming.

When John first told me about Swaddle to Toddle I liked the idea immediately. I've been helping develop the editing plans and the look of the finished video, as well as writing marketing materials.

I've come to believe that every baby ought to have a Swaddle to Toddle type of film made of their incredible journey from infancy to first steps. This is a legacy created by proud parents, one that will always be cherished by their child.

My best advice to a young family or to new grandparents is to make a call call 415-332-5300 as soon as possible and find out more. Swaddle to Toddle video. The memories will last a lifetime.