What is a Swaddle to Toddle Video?

New parents fill their phones, tablets and other smart devices with amazing scenes of their newborn's development. These are precious moments captured by proud parents. But what to do with all the photos and videos which are too often lost? At Swaddle to Toddle our passion is to create a professional film from these special moments in your baby's growth "from swaddle to toddle." Parents have different styles of recording. Some shoot hours, others capture a series of brief moments.

We identify the best scenes and edit those into a finished 5 to 10 minute video complete with music and graphics. You review and approve all our edits. The final film honors your love and affection as shown through the videos and photos. This is a legacy you can share with grandparents and other family members and friends. Later, in adulthood, your child will have happy memories of early childhood and, perhaps, many insights.

The Cost of a Swaddle to Toddle Video

For families with less that 2 hours of video the minimum total cost is $500, and we'll insert as many as 15 still photos into the video. If you have 5 hours of video the charge is $900, which also includes inserting up to 15 photographs. Families with 10 hours of video the total cost is $1500, which includes inserting up to 15 photographs.
These prices are guidelines: every video is different, and we will need to do an inventory of the client's videos and photos in order to give a "no greater than" cost estimate.

How We Do Our Work

  • We need a copy of your video files.

    • Come to our office in Sausalito & we will download the videos & photos from your device(s), or
    • We'll work with you over the phone to help you send us a copy of the files. We will recommend the easiest solution.
  • Our edit process:

    • We create a "best of" video and send you a private link so you can review at your convenience.
    • We make changes and you review until approved.
  • Delivery of Final Product:

    • We will deliver the final video in whatever format you wish: DVD, Thumb Drive, via Dropbox, Vimeo, YouTube, or other.

How We Protect Your Privacy

Our copy of your footage and photographs are your property and are never out of our immediate control. No third party is ever involved in the work we do. Your materials are never uploaded to the Internet unless you ask us to upload the final product we create to a site you choose. We will archive your video materials but only with your permision.


Sometimes friends are in a hurry and don't have a few minutes to look at a video. But they will look at a 1-minute video!

AT NO COST TO YOU: upon completion of your Swaddle to Toddle video, we will make a 1-minute Swaddle to Toddle video, which will be formatted for your devices.