John Van Daam

I came to video because I like watching good TV and because I saw making video as a route to reach my goal of becoming an artist.

Doing business as California Video has allowed me to work on projects and productions in many areas of interest.

I'm enjoying doing video work with families making family history videos and now making Swaddle to Toddle videos of babies.

Babies are truly the best treasure anyone could ever have. It's not surprising that so many new families find themselves using their iPhones to document their baby's growth and development. The ease of smart phone photography makes it the perfect tool. It's always there at hand.

The idea for Swaddle to Toddle videos came from the realization that most parents tend to do less video documenting of their babies after the babies become toddlers and learn to walk. This period feels like a natural "chapter" in someone's life. A film of that period of life is a true legacy film because it will always remind the star of that film that he or she is that baby.

What I especially like about editing this footage of babies growing into toddlers is it involves my sensitivity and my empathy. Both help me find the best shots and help me know that I'm doing my best to respect the child and help the child look its best. There are subtle little gestures that insinuate personality and character. It's for this reason I feel everyone, all parents, should make this film of their children.

The different pages of this website show the kinds of work CVP has been doing and continues to do joyfully. Please give a call whenever we can help you with the power of the moving image.